ABOUT US - Doshi Group of Companies
Duty, Devotion & Destiny to Deliver.
The Doshi Group is amongst the leading large-scale distribution group for pharmaceutical finished formulaions in India. An enterprise that began in 1944, every company under the group’s banner is reputed to deliver exclusively to each particular segment of healthcare comprising of chemists, doctors, nursing homes, hospitals and government and private institutions. Moreover, our distribution network is also segregated for :
branded medicines, generic medicines, vaccines and specialty care medicines, oncology products and  cold-chain products to meet the specific demands in each category and has enabled us to establish a benchmark in standard of service an edge over others.
We Dedicate. We Distribute.
Doshi Medicare Pvt. Ltd. is foremost amongst the four major enterprises of Doshi Group and itself harbors four companies under it’s domain, each dedicated to serve a specific segment in healthcare supply network. Together, these companies help streamline and expand the distribution network of Doshi Medicare Pvt. Ltd. to sustain a customer base of about 3000 chemists, 1000 practitioners, nursing homes, hospitals, government and private institutions and also acting as super stockists and consignee agents.